Upcycling The Green Generation
Kathleen Davis-Moran

Turning discarded Glass Bottles into colorful Treasures
Here you will find hanging candle holders made out of wine bottles & clear bottles that have been discarded & re-used  to turn into art. 
Hand Etched Designs

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amber s dome blk nug.jpg (31541 bytes)

Amber w/black nuggets 1

cblue l ble nug copper.jpg (34114 bytes)

Cobalt Blue light blue nuggets 2

grn l dome lily.jpg (33490 bytes)

Lily lg bottle 11

grnish_l_dome_copper_neck_flower.jpg (31843 bytes)

Flower n Leaves lg Bottle 12

Domes can be used for Multi Purposes, use small candle under dome, Battery Candle, Tapered Candle in the top

grn l dome wht nug.jpg (31173 bytes)

Green w- white nuggets lg 13

sm clear dome caladium.jpg (39120 bytes)

Clear Caladium Flowers sm 7

grn s dome red nuggets.jpg (34615 bytes)

Green red Nuggets sm 3

clear m dome l ble nug.jpg (35166 bytes)

Clear Light Blue Nuggets med 4

Domes Sets: Use one for that special dessert, one for some cheese & crackers, put a candle on the other & have a Romantic setting!

dome set grn wht nug.jpg (40931 bytes)

Green Set of 3 Leaves lg 14

set clear flower gold.jpg (47036 bytes)

Clear Set  3 Flowers n Copper lg 15

set grnsish grapes.jpg (49428 bytes)

Greenish Grape n Leaves lg 16

dome lg leaves gold.jpg (35306 bytes)

Clear Leaves Med 8

Glass will be Hot if Using real Candles, Use caution....Fake Flickering Candles are a great way to Enjoy these Too!!!

grn wine b clear.jpg (68917 bytes)

Taper Candle or Dome Holder 9 Green

clear taper.jpg (51110 bytes)

Etched Clear 5
Holds a tea, votive or taper candle

set of 3 beer.jpg (133497 bytes)  
Set of (3) 17
Candle Holder
Beer Bottles Amber 8~9" tall
$32.00 Sold Discontinued
clear beer blk.jpg (72133 bytes)
Tea / Votive Candle Holder Clear 10
9" tall
$16.00 2 left Discontinued
beer with taper.jpg (36060 bytes)

Beer Top Bottle 6
Taper Candle Holder


Dome Bottle Candles
Dome Sets n Tapers Bottles