Butterfly & Dragonfly Puddles
The Green Generation
Kathleen Davis-Moran

Turning discarded  Bottles & Vintage Glass into colorful Treasures
Here you will find Butterfly Puddles made out of wine bottles & vintage  dish ware  re-used  to turn into art.
Thee would look gorgeous in any garden and give your little Butterfly and Dragonfly friends a resting place!

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Fill the plate with sand add enough water to moisten sand, put in full sun! btrfly dish1.JPG (345675 bytes)

Butterfly / Dragonfly Puddle
Red Flower #1

btrfly pud r n y cropped.jpg (784250 bytes)

Butterfly / Dragonfly Puddle
Yellow Flower #2

Butterflies gain their water and minerals by sipping from moist spots, not from open water like birds that enjoy birdbaths. A butterfly's method of drinking is called "puddling,"


Btrfly / Drgnfly Puddles

They are lovingly assembled with industrial strength water and weather resistant adhesive and should last for years. Just to be safe I do recommend bringing your art piece in during harsh weather, extreme winds or freezing winter conditions. Please hand wash only. A piece of 3/8 rebar, wooden dowel or plant stake 
(NOT INCLUDED) from the hardware store is all you need to plant this beauty anywhere.