7 Summer Pest Control Tips You Should Know (2024)

Our Top 7 Summer Pest Control Tips

One of the biggest downsides to the summer season is the surge in the insect population. One minute, you’re enjoying the beautiful weather, the next minute, you’re dealing with a swarm of mosquitoes and a dozen itchy bites up and down your legs!

7 Summer Pest Control Tips You Should Know (1)

Fortunately, we’ve put together our top 7 summer pest control tips to help you avoid bites and enjoy the outdoors. Keep reading to learn more.

7 Summer Pest Control Tips You Should Know (2)

1. Eliminate Areas of Standing Water

When we say that you should eliminate areas of standing water, we’re not talking about getting rid of your swimming pool. In fact, the chlorine in your pool can actually repel bugs. Instead, we’re suggesting that you do your best to keep standing water in buckets, flower pots, and other areas to a minimum. Standing water is mosquito central -- and you don’t want mosquitoes bugging you, do you?

2. Maintain Your Yard

A tidy yard makes for less bugs. Not only does it help with mosquito control, it also cuts down on habitat for some of the most destructive garden insects. Do your best to remove yard waste, keep your grass mowed, and trim the hedges.

3. Store Your Firewood Properly

Did you know that termites love firewood? You’re essentially giving them a spot to collect themselves before assaulting your home! The further away you store your firewood from your house, the better -- but five feet is a minimum. Keep it on racks of some kind, too: don’t let it rest on the ground.

4. Eliminate Shelter & Food Sources for Snakes

When we get a bug bite, half the time we don’t even notice -- we have to identify the bite later on and take an educated guess as to what caused it.

That’s certainly not the case for another common pest around the house and yard, though. That’s right: we’re talking about snakes. It’s important to eliminate shelter for snakes -- such as lawn debris and thick shrubbery -- and food -- such as lots of mice and rodents -- if you want to prevent a spike in the snake population around your home.

5. Inspect Your Vacation Home or Hotel Carefully to Prevent Bed Bug Infestations

Some bug bites are worse than others. While there are plenty of home remedies out there that can relieve bug bites, some bugs produce bites so severe that it’s practically impossible to relieve the itching. Bed bugs fall into this category. If you’re staying in a vacation rental or hotel, pull back the sheets (including the mattress cover) and look for bloodstains and/or excrement on the surface of the mattress. Running a credit card along the edge of the mattress can expose bits that you’d otherwise miss.

6. Seal Your Doors & Windows

It doesn’t matter which of the common summertime pests you’re talking about: regardless of whether it’s mosquitoes, wasps, or even spiders, keeping your doors and windows sealed is an effective way to keep them out. Check for gaps in your doors and holes in your window screens, and repair them as needed.

7. Use a Pest Control Service

Insect repellent is a great way to keep the bugs away when you’re out and about. When you’re at home, though, you shouldn’t have to worry about bugs. Unfortunately, far too many homeowners struggle with pest problems each and every summer.

Enjoy your Summer with Home Pest Control

Don’t let summer pests bug you at home! Home Pest Control provides safe, environmentally friendly, and highly effective home pest control services designed specifically for South Carolina residents. Contact us today with any questions, or to schedule a service.

In the meantime, download our Summer Pest Control Guide below to find out what pests to keep an eye out for this summer and how to protect your family from painful bites and stings.

7 Summer Pest Control Tips You Should Know (3)

May 5, 2020

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7 Summer Pest Control Tips You Should Know (2024)


What is the hardest household pest to get rid of? ›

In conclusion, termites, bed bugs, and co*ckroaches are the most challenging pests to eliminate from your home. Their ability to hide, reproduce quickly, and withstand many extermination methods make professional pest control services essential for effective pest management.

What month is best for pest control? ›

The best time for pest control in your residential and commercial buildings is in early spring. Spraying in spring allows you to destroy the pests' nests when their numbers are low. Given the low number of pest colonies and nests, the treatment will be more effective and long-lasting.

What is the most appropriate pest control? ›

Pesticides And Chemical Pest Control

Pesticides and chemicals are probably the most common and widespread method used in the industry. It's simple, results are typically quick, and when applied and mixed properly by a professional—they're very safe.

What is the cleanest bug? ›

co*ckroaches groom themselves by running their antennae and legs through their mouths, which removes foreign materials such as dirt, grime, sticky substances, and rotting fecal matter and food from the surface of their bodies. This rigorous washing routine keeps their bodies clean and increases their olfactory acuity.

What smell do house bugs hate? ›

Bugs hate the smells associated with repellency, such as lavender, citronella, vinegar, peppermint, and geranium. These oils are considered a natural way of driving away bugs from your home without harming you, your family, and other animals.

How do I keep my house clean and bug free? ›

In this article, we'll provide you with eight cleaning tips for pest prevention.
  1. Watch Out for Standing Water. ...
  2. Maintain The Grounds Around Your Home. ...
  3. Empty the Trash. ...
  4. Eliminate Food Sources. ...
  5. Regularly Clean Your Homes. ...
  6. Protect Your Pets Against Pests. ...
  7. Perform Regular Home Inspections. ...
  8. Control Pests in Your Home With Pestech.
Feb 8, 2022

Can Vinegar keep bugs away? ›

Vinegar is one of the best ingredients to make a pest control spray. Vinegar is one of the best ingredients to make a pest control spray. It is effective in repelling ants, mosquitoes, fruit flies, and many others. Creating a mix is quite simple and is considered safe for humans and pets.

Should I clean the house before pest control? ›

If you scheduled a pest inspection, pest control, or termite control service, you might be wondering if you need to clean the home beforehand. The answer is yes, but there are also things you can do after treatments to keep your home blissfully free of an infestation.

When should you not spray insecticide? ›

Be cautious not to apply pesticides to your yard or the perimeter of your home or business if you know there is rain on the forecast. Not only can rain render pest control treatments less effective, but it can also wash insecticides to places we didn't intend for them to be.

How many times a year should you go to pest control? ›

When it comes to regularly scheduled pest control, we suggest having your home treated once a quarter or every two to three months. And for good reason!

What is the most common pest? ›

10 Most Common Household Pests
  • Ants.
  • co*ckroaches.
  • Bed bugs.
  • Rats.
  • Mice.
  • Fleas.
  • Spiders.
  • Termites.
Nov 8, 2022

Why is pest control so expensive? ›

Level of infestation: A few simple bugs can often be treated easily and quickly, while a full-fledged pest infestation may require a more extensive schedule of services and more intensive, expensive types of chemical treatments. In short, the larger your pest problem, the higher your bill may be.

What is the most stubborn insect in the world? ›

co*ckroaches are some of the most stubborn pests in the world. Although less than one percent of all species of co*ckroaches are considered pests, it only takes that much to create a problem. co*ckroaches are survivors. They can survive a whole month without food, almost 40 minutes without air, and a week without a head.

What pest causes the most damage? ›

Termites. Considered by many to be the most destructive of all household pests, termites can cause thousands of dollars of damage to a home's wood structural system before they're discovered. To get rid of termites, you need to call in a professional exterminator.

What is considered the most challenging urban pest to control? ›

Bed bugs, rodents, and co*ckroaches are considered the most challenging urban pests to control. Flies, ants, centipedes, mosquitoes, and even termites can also be found in apartment complexes.

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