Upcycling  The Green Generation
Kathleen Davis-Moran

Turning discarded Glass Bottles into colorful Treasures. Solar Lights made out of wine bottles & This n That.... that have been discarded & 
re-used  to turn into art.   ~~One of a Kind~~

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Cobalt Blue bottles with Vintage Crystal plate c blue solarout.JPG (106341 bytes)


solar grnbrn out.JPG (86661 bytes)


Green bottles with Vintage dish, marbles in side of bottle & inside plastic solar container

Attached is a copper fitting. Post not included. (Costs to much to ship). Your home center/ hardware store will have it for about $2.00 a foot. 3/8' rebar post works as well 3/8' rebar fits into 1/2' fitting 

Solar Lights ~~ One of a Kind ~~