Bottle Lamps n Bottles
The Green Generation
Kathleen Davis-Moran

Re-thinking waste and creating practical, useful and beautiful works from it!
Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value. 
My Bottles are all recycled, hole drilled in the bottle to place lights. Most bottles are wrapped with tissue paper I print, and embellished with as much recycled products I can find, Some have dried flowers n leaves from my own garden Enjoy!

i shall be a lady soon 1.JPG (70730 bytes) i shall be a lady soon crop.jpg (82354 bytes) lady lamp unlite crop.jpg (87790 bytes) lady lamp lite crop.jpg (85529 bytes)
"I Shall be a lady soon" lights off "I Shall be a lady soon" lights on

"Vintage Lady"  lights off

 "Vintage Lady" lights on




sun 2 c.jpg (421789 bytes) sun lite 2 c.jpg (428528 bytes) star n moon 1 c.jpg (377830 bytes) star n moon lite 1c.jpg (521395 bytes)
"Sun 1" lights off "Sun 1" lights on "Star n Moon 1" lights off "Star n Moon 1" lights on
$35.00 $35.00


bird apple lady1.JPG (62765 bytes) bird apple lady lite.JPG (73386 bytes) kitty lamp1.JPG (77045 bytes) kitty lamp lit.JPG (78586 bytes)
"Lady w/Bird & Apple" light off "Lady w/Bird & Apple" light on "Playful Kitties" lights off "Playful Kitties" lights on
$35.00 $35.00     Sold


peacock bottle crop.jpg (77861 bytes)  
Peacock Bottle no Lights Decorative




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